To stagnate is to stop growing or to stop improving. When the economy stagnates, the number of jobs and the amount of money in the economy stay the same.

  • The economy has stagnated, which is why there are no new jobs.

  • The company's sales have stagnated, which is why they're losing money.

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Example Sentences for stagnated

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    But the cost of this is economic stagnation.

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    There is economic stagnation in the West.

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    There is no need for the article to stagnate.

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    It is the slowing down and stagnation of the project.

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    Later development of the machine stagnated.

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    The French economy threatens to stagnate.

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    At a stagnation point, the velocity of the fluid is zero.

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    But the point is, that in the end the stagnation temperature change.

  • 9

    Not all the people accepted the ideology of stagnation.

  • 10

    Economic stagnation lasts pretty long.