Stably means that something is in a good or stable condition. The weather is stable, which means that it's not changing very much.

  • The company is trying to stabilize the market by releasing new products.

  • The economy is stable, which means that the economy is not shrinking or growing very much.

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Example Sentences for stably

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    Not all of these words are stably masculine.

  • 2

    The lines are stably making profits.

  • 3

    This air is stably stratified and often cloudy.

  • 4

    Consider a couple of masses stably held apart.

  • 5

    Driver is able to work stably and effective lots of hours.

  • 6

    Stably maintained dendritic spines are associated with lifelong memories.

  • 7

    If these can be resolved stably, I shall strike this objection.

  • 8

    Commutative rings, noetherian rings and artinian rings are stably finite.

  • 9

    The experiments prove that performance equivalent to the best ones produced by the approaches in existence can be achieved stably with our approaches.

  • 10

    Another limitation of the I TRAP method is that some transcription factors may not be stably maintained in the bacterium or may be lethal to the bacterium when over expressed.