Squishy means soft and mushy. When you squish a marshmallow, it becomes soft and mushy.

  • The marshmallow was squished and became soft and mushy.

  • The toy was squished and became soft and mushy.

Definition of squishy


easily squashed; resembling a sponge in having soft porous texture and compressibility


spongelike, spongy, squashy

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Example Sentences for squishy

  • 1

    Don't want that for little Squishy.

  • 2

    Progressive is a nice squishy label.

  • 3

    Nationality is not a squishy, subjective thing.

  • 4

    Okay, not because of the squishy part.

  • 5

    They sound pretty squishy to me.

  • 6

    Frogs have teeth but they are so squishy...

  • 7

    The balls both bounce and are slightly squishy.

  • 8

    Their weakness is the squishy interior of its mouth.

  • 9

    They're so squishy, chewy, and delicious.

  • 10

    But the coverage itself suggests the squishiness of the subject matter.