To squint is to close your eyes partially so that you can see better. When you squint, you get a little bit of a headache because you're not using your full range of vision.

  • He was squinting so that he could see better in the dark.

  • She was squinting because the light was too bright.

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Example Sentences for squinting

  • 1

    She has squint eyes.

  • 2

    Thus, when the patient purses their lips, the ipsilateral eye will squint.

  • 3

    I just can't manage to squint my eyes in the right way.

  • 4

    The trademark squint was partly due to these cigarros.

  • 5

    In fairness, he might be squinting in the bright sun.

  • 6

    He has the same thick mustache, and is squint.

  • 7

    He also seems to squint, possibly because of the light.

  • 8

    Actually the same applies for the first, but I have to squint harder there.

  • 9

    It apparently eats Captain Squint and creates a whirlpool to sink the ship.

  • 10

    He has the same thick mustache, and even has the squint.