Splinters are small pieces of wood that are broken off of a larger piece of wood. They are often caused by something hitting the wood hard, like a hammer.

  • When he hit the tree with his hammer, the splinters flew everywhere.

  • The splinters are dangerous because they can easily get into your skin.

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Example Sentences for splinters

  • 1

    The man was hurt by a splinter.

  • 2

    Where did you find the splinter

  • 3

    He removed splinter from his thumb.

  • 4

    I found some glass splinters here.

  • 5

    The doctor removed splinter as fast as he could.

  • 6

    The splinter was carefully removed from her body.

  • 7

    Splinter armor thick covered the upper portion of the citadel.

  • 8

    A player was killed by a splinter while playing an indoor match in Brazil.

  • 9

    After centuries of dominance, the Roman Empire irrevocably splintered in 476.

  • 10

    As a Jewish splinter group, it existed uneasily within the Roman Empire.