When something goes spiraling out of control, it becomes much worse than it was originally. The situation might start out as a small problem, but it quickly becomes much worse.

  • The company's finances went spiraling out of control after they made a mistake.

  • The relationship went spiraling downhill after they started arguing all the time.

Definition of spiraling


in the shape of a coil


coiling, helical, spiral, turbinate, volute, voluted, whorled

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Example Sentences for spiraling

  • 1

    The image of the spiral is incorrect.

  • 2

    The spiral patterens in the weather are not fictitious.

  • 3

    The waves roll in spiraling currents.

  • 4

    It's found in the structure of crystals and the spiral of galaxies.

  • 5

    It added the notable feature of plasma spiraling.

  • 6

    Open the door and you will be in a spiraling corridor.

  • 7

    The vaults are painted with spiraling vegetal motifs.

  • 8

    A spiral stairway leads to the observatory at the top of the structure.

  • 9

    Notice that the spiral structure ends at the onset of the bulge.

  • 10

    The centres of the circles in the sequence lie on a logarithmic spiral.