Spewing is a word that is usually used to describe a violent or uncontrolled outburst of anger or rage. When someone spews their words, they often use a lot of profanity.

  • He was so angry that he started spewing words at me.

  • The angry mob was spewing obscenities at the police.

Definition of spewing


To eject forcibly and in a stream


To speak or write quickly and voluminously, especially words that are not worth listening to or reading.


To vomit


To ejaculate


(leather-working) To develop a white powder or dark crystals on the surface of finished leather, as a result from improper tanning.


Material spewed or vomited.

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Example Sentences for spewing

  • 1

    From crevices along the fountain's rim four turtles spew water into the basin.

  • 2

    Oil, gas, salt water spew up to 95 feet for days near Watford City.

  • 3

    Fluid spewed about the ramp area of the helicopter.

  • 4

    Black holes spew out some surprising similarities.

  • 5

    He emerged later on with tentacles and the ability to spew slime.

  • 6

    The eruption also spewed out vaporous masses and opalines.

  • 7

    The planet also spews toxic gasses from the ground.

  • 8

    The volcanic eruption spewed lava hundreds of metres into the air.

  • 9

    At least try to be poetic when spewing honeyed scarf to the masses.

  • 10

    Can someone remove the picture of the guy with the erection spewing diarrhea