The speediest is the fastest. When you say that someone is the speediest, you mean that they are the fastest at doing something.

  • He was the speediest runner in the race.

  • The car was the speediest on the road.

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Example Sentences for speediest

  • 1

    The process was very speedy.

  • 2

    The result of the debate was speedy.

  • 3

    It is a road for a speedy flunk anyway.

  • 4

    The article merited speedy deletion.

  • 5

    The likelihood of the speedy resolution drops.

  • 6

    The racing car is very speedy.

  • 7

    I mean to be inexorable, and thorough, not speedy.

  • 8

    If speedy is overused, it puts the trustworthiness of the procedure at risk.

  • 9

    Please be more cautious in the use of the speedy tags.

  • 10

    Principal judge calls for speedy handling of cases.