A spacesuit is a type of clothing that is worn by astronauts when they are in space. It is designed to keep them warm and safe, and it is made from materials that are resistant to the space environment.

  • The spacesuit was too tight, and it was making it difficult to breathe.

  • The spacesuit was too big, and it was making it difficult to move around.

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    It's not the Orlan spacesuit or the Feitian spacesuit.

  • 2

    As such, it is the first spacesuit ever used.

  • 3

    Exposure to space without a spacesuit.

  • 4

    The spacesuit comprises the peripheral body.

  • 5

    As a precaution, he is still putting on a spacesuit.

  • 6

    Snug wears a yellow and silver spacesuit.

  • 7

    Neznaika in spacesuit first presented to the press.

  • 8

    Bowen' spacesuit was marked with a red stripe.

  • 9

    And I'm not wearing a spacesuit or anything of that nature.

  • 10

    The temperature in Glenn's spacesuit was too warm.