To sow something is to plant it in the ground. When you sow seeds, you are giving them the opportunity to grow and produce new plants.

  • The farmer is sowing the seeds in the ground.

  • The flowers are sowing their seeds.

Definition of sowing


To scatter, disperse, or plant (seeds).


To spread abroad; to propagate.


To scatter over; to besprinkle.


The act or process by which something is sown.

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Example Sentences for sowing

  • 1

    The boar is somewhat larger than the sow.

  • 2

    He owns three boars and three sows.

  • 3

    The male is called a boar, the female a sow, and the young piglets.

  • 4

    The farmer sowed the field with barley.

  • 5

    She saved the sow and demanded the baby.

  • 6

    Sows will emit crooning sounds to their cubs.

  • 7

    The content is principles of millet sowing and cultivation.

  • 8

    He owns not only sows but also cows.

  • 9

    He sold his sows yesterday at the market.

  • 10

    His sows gave a birth to three piglets.