To sopping is to soak something in water or other liquid. When you sopping something, you are trying to make it wetter or softer.

  • She sopped the towel in the sink to get the water out.

  • The ground was sopping with water after the rainstorm.

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Example Sentences for sopping

  • 1

    It is a sop for the fans.

  • 2

    What is this sop for

  • 3

    Dirty clothes are sopped into the water.

  • 4

    He gave a sop to his girlfriend.

  • 5

    The certification was held and given at SOP Rules.

  • 6

    The teacher sopped her clothes into the water.

  • 7

    When did you give me a sop

  • 8

    She was glad to see a sop from her parents.

  • 9

    To sooth her anger, he gave her a sop.

  • 10

    The category contains the necessary sop to non English language sensibilities.