Sombre means sad or gloomy. When you describe something as somber, you are saying that it is a very sad or gloomy thing.

  • The funeral was somber, with all of the families grieving for their lost loved ones.

  • The movie was somber, with all of the scenes taking place in dark and depressing places.

Definition of somber


lacking brightness or color; dull


drab, sober, sombre


grave or even gloomy in character


melancholy, sombre

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Example Sentences for somber

  • 1

    On the day of the performance, Herrmann looked somber.

  • 2

    The aria is introduced by a somber clarinet solo.

  • 3

    The chorus is definitely somber, eerie, ominous.

  • 4

    The expression is somber, the handling of light assured.

  • 5

    The feel of the book is very dark and somber.

  • 6

    The sad news made him somber.

  • 7

    Grey is somber and goes with the nature of a National Memorial.

  • 8

    However, the album remains somber and ambient for the most part.

  • 9

    The book's somber picture is relieved by the author's humor and warmth.

  • 10

    Throughout the march, the band plays very somber dirges.