To solidify is to make something solid, to make it more firm or stable. When you solidify a liquid, you make it into a substance that is easier to handle.

  • The liquid was solidifying and turning into a solid.

  • The mud was starting to solidify, so the soldiers had to move quickly.

Definition of solidifying


the process of becoming hard or solid by cooling or drying or crystallization


curing, hardening, set, solidification

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Example Sentences for solidifying

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    The dispersion is then cooled to solidify the microspheres.

  • 2

    This will help solidify the consensus of the situation.

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    In fact, it ought to be the one to solidify the article.

  • 4

    Republicans need to solidify their Medicare plan.

  • 5

    The bonding material is then solidified to seal the openings.

  • 6

    The mold is vibrated and the concrete is allowed to solidify.

  • 7

    The lava rapidly cools and solidifies as the bubbles grow.

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    The links help solidify the adverse affects of this phenomenon.

  • 9

    Some of the vesicles are trapped when the magma chills and solidifies.

  • 10

    Supervisors solidify changes to elected officials' pay raises.