When you are feeling lost or alone, you might find comfort in things like books, music, or friends. Solace is the feeling of relief or comfort that you get from these things.

  • She found solace in reading the book.

  • He found solace in listening to music.

Definition of solace


give moral or emotional strength to


comfort, console, soothe


the comfort you feel when consoled in times of disappointment


consolation, solacement


the act of consoling; giving relief in affliction


comfort, consolation


comfort in disappointment or misery



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Example Sentences for solace

  • 1

    I find a solace in the statement.

  • 2

    Butcher retreated to the wilderness for solace and restoration.

  • 3

    She is singing solace to the silent moon.

  • 4

    She seeks solace in the virtual world.

  • 5

    He found solace in reading the book.

  • 6

    The statement is that the masses get their solace from religion.

  • 7

    The youth and amateur broadcasters found in him a solace.

  • 8

    Undirected and uninspired, Mike found solace on the courts.

  • 9

    Tagomi doesn't find solace in the killing of the SD agents.

  • 10

    Hassan was one who found solace in austerity and frugality.