To sob is to cry out, to cry bitterly. When she sobbed in her bedroom, she was very upset.

    Definition of sobbed


    To weep with convulsive gasps.


    To say (something) while sobbing.


    To soak.

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    Example Sentences for sobbed

    • 1

      How often do you sob or cry

    • 2

      She is later seen walking into the elevator at the office crying and sobbing.

    • 3

      The boy was told not to sob.

    • 4

      The child was sobbing in the corner.

    • 5

      Why is she sobbing

    • 6

      He thinks that sobbing is girly.

    • 7

      The man sobbed all of a sudden.

    • 8

      The other boys begin to sob as well.

    • 9

      When is the last time you sobbed

    • 10

      People walked towards the girl who was sobbing.