Snowflakes are small pieces of ice that are shaped like stars. They are often used to symbolize the delicate beauty of the snow.

  • The snowflakes were falling gently to the ground.

  • The snowflakes were so small that they were almost invisible.

Definition of snowflakes


a crystal of snow




white Arctic bunting


plectrophenax nivalis, snow bunting, snowbird

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Example Sentences for snowflakes

  • 1

    It has a snowflake on the front.

  • 2

    The shape of snowflake was beautiful.

  • 3

    There are differents shapes of snowflakes.

  • 4

    He tried to catch a snowflake.

  • 5

    The explanation would be similar to that for snowflakes.

  • 6

    Below are a variety of implementations of the Koch snowflake.

  • 7

    Snowflakes hurtle sideways, stinging faces.

  • 8

    He could see snowflakes visually.

  • 9

    The teacher told children to draw a snowflake.

  • 10

    The shape of a natural snowflake reflects the history of its formation.