Smug is a word that people often use to describe people who are feeling too good about themselves. They are usually very confident and think that they are better than everyone else.

  • He was very smug when he won the race.

  • She was very smug when she won the argument.

Definition of smug


marked by excessive complacency or self-satisfaction



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Example Sentences for smug

  • 1

    It is the smug look on the vendor's face.

  • 2

    Always wearing that crown, the king looked smug.

  • 3

    But the reply is clearly unhelpful and smug.

  • 4

    Thanks for the smug little comment.

  • 5

    Its smugness is a corollary of its vacuity.

  • 6

    His smug attitude bugged her.

  • 7

    I don't understand the smug attitude.

  • 8

    His immediate superior was the smug and buck toothed.

  • 9

    Nancy tells a smug Jake that she will go to the police.

  • 10

    He was ascetic in appearance and, at the same time, ostentatiously smug.