A smokescreen is a way to hide something from view. If the government is using a smokescreen to cover up the truth, they are lying to the public.

  • The government is using a smokescreen to cover up the truth about the war.

  • The politician used a smokescreen to avoid answering the question.

Definition of smokescreen


(military) screen consisting of a cloud of smoke that obscures movements


smoke screen


an action intended to conceal or confuse or obscure


smoke screen

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Example Sentences for smokescreen

  • 1

    The rest of it is a smokescreen.

  • 2

    I repeat, it is not a smokescreen.

  • 3

    The above is just a smokescreen.

  • 4

    As stated above, the smokescreen is not impenetrable.

  • 5

    She laid a smokescreen and fled.

  • 6

    One related concept is the smokescreen.

  • 7

    Lance is in complete smokescreen mode.

  • 8

    But this is a smokescreen to pre empt debate.

  • 9

    All the argumentation is just a smokescreen.

  • 10

    Another red herring smokescreen.