slyly means with a hidden or sly intention. When she slyly looked away, she was trying to avoid his gaze.

  • He slyly took the candy from the bowl without anyone noticing.

  • The sly way she talked about her exboyfriend was making him angry.

Definition of slyly


in an artful manner


artfully, craftily, cunningly, foxily, knavishly, trickily

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Example Sentences for slyly

  • 1

    He planned the scheme slyly.

  • 2

    It is also not true that I slyly complained.

  • 3

    My impression was that the author slyly mocks Christianity.

  • 4

    I didn't slyly tell you are uninformed.

  • 5

    Brother Leon is the ingratiating and slyly venomous assistant headmaster.

  • 6

    Is Giano viciously attacking someone, or slyly teasing him

  • 7

    His face turns into that of a wolf and he grins slyly.

  • 8

    Do not try to slyly insinuate your brand of dogma.

  • 9

    Ed is not getting deeper into the mire as you slyly put it.

  • 10

    But, he manages to slyly let us know his opinion on the list.