To be sleepy is to be tired. You might be sleepy because you're tired from work, or you might be sleepy because you're tired from a night of partying.

  • He felt sleepy after dinner, and decided to go to bed.

  • She was so sleepy that she didn't even notice when the party ended.

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Example Sentences for sleepiness

  • 1

    Feathery blanket always makes me sleepy when I get on the bed.

  • 2

    A baby is somnolent and sleepy.

  • 3

    Sleepy babies have tantrum.

  • 4

    I feel slothful and sleepy.

  • 5

    Juan is the sleepy master of the training center.

  • 6

    Misato actually sounded sleepy in the morning

  • 7

    I'm too sleepy to summarize the article.

  • 8

    Ventilation was poor and the men became sleepy.

  • 9

    The setting is the sleepy lighthouse town of Piedras Blancas.

  • 10

    Students then choose to matriculate to Sleepy Hollow High School.