Slayed means to kill. When the dragon was slain, it meant that the heroes had won the battle.

  • The dragon was slain by the heroes, which was the victory that they were looking for.

Definition of slayed


To kill, murder.


To eradicate or stamp out.


(by extension) To defeat, overcome (in a competition or contest).


To delight or overwhelm, especially with laughter.


To amaze, stun or otherwise incapacitate by awesomeness; to be awesome at something; to kill (slang sense).


To have sex with

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Example Sentences for slayed

  • 1

    But Sigurd slays the dragon and then kills his disloyal foster father.

  • 2

    He slayed the enemy.

  • 3

    In revenge, Yoshitsune and the others slay the beast.

  • 4

    Indian rebels recant the brutal slayings.

  • 5

    They managed to slay most of the present Sardaukar.

  • 6

    It is Elliania who asks Dutiful to slay the dragon.

  • 7

    Oyuki is hired to destroy the photos and slay the photographer.

  • 8

    Fortunately, Medivh swoops in to slay the remainder of the party.

  • 9

    Aversion in him should slay the thought of advance in thee.

  • 10

    In the end, Carter would vindicate himself and slay the beast.