To skyrocket is to increase very rapidly in value or popularity. When the stock market goes up, a lot of companies' stock prices will skyrocket.

  • The stock market skyrocketed after the news broke.

  • The movie skyrocketed in popularity after the first week it was released.

Definition of skyrocketed


To increase suddenly and extremely; to shoot up; to surge or spike.


Suddenly and rapidly increased

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Example Sentences for skyrocketed

  • 1

    Productivity was to skyrocket and absenteeism disappear.

  • 2

    The amount of shootings would skyrocket.

  • 3

    The injury and fatality rate skyrocketed.

  • 4

    The price caused taxes to skyrocket.

  • 5

    Sea lion numbers are set to skyrocket.

  • 6

    Set the subsidy too high, and the sponsor's costs skyrocket.

  • 7

    Gun sales skyrocket in anticipation of stricter gun control.

  • 8

    The price of the tonic skyrocketed, and the gang began selling it underground.

  • 9

    Firearm sales in US skyrocket amid debate on gun control.

  • 10

    I expect the amount of links to skyrocket once the game is launched in US.