Skimping is a verb meaning to save or to use less than what is necessary. When you skimp on your food, you are only eating a small amount of food and not filling your stomach.

  • She skims the milk from her coffee, saving herself some money.

  • The store is skimping on the product, so the quality is not very good.

Definition of skimping


To mock, deride, scorn, scold, make fun of.


To slight; to do carelessly; to scamp.


To make insufficient allowance for; to scant; to scrimp.


To save; to be parsimonious or stingy.


Scanty; meagre; done inefficiently.

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Example Sentences for skimping

  • 1

    Best of luck with the house and don't skimp on it

  • 2

    We won't have to skimp the food.

  • 3

    Networking is not something you want to skimp on in this case.

  • 4

    Personally, I recommend people stop skimping.

  • 5

    However, Bradley did not skimp on any of the detail.

  • 6

    In my opinion, the best lasanges don't skimp on the sauces.

  • 7

    That doesn't mean you can skimp on the sourcing here.

  • 8

    Even in times of economic hardship couples rarely skimp on the jewelry.

  • 9

    Even in times of economic hardship, couples rarely skimp on the jewelry.

  • 10

    The article should fully cover the subject and not skimp out on details.