To sketch is to draw pictures or diagrams using pencil or a pen. When you sketch something, you usually don't make it very accurate.

  • He sketched a rough outline of the building on the pad.

  • She sketched a rough idea of the design on a piece of paper.

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Example Sentences for sketched

  • 1

    That was the inspiration for the sketch.

  • 2

    Sketch the trees and the flowers.

  • 3

    He was a master of the epigram and sketches.

  • 4

    The cancellation logo is the sketch of the temple.

  • 5

    There is a sketched picture of the tennis player.

  • 6

    Also the figure looks the same as in the Munich sketch.

  • 7

    Finally, the sketch of the second critique is presented in the introduction.

  • 8

    The cover of the album depicts a sketch of an unborn baby.

  • 9

    The order of sketches and songs featured in the revue is as follows.

  • 10

    A sketch based on recency does not suffice in my eyes.