To siphon is to take something away or to extract something from a body or container. When you siphon gasoline, you take the gasoline out of the tank and into the car.

  • The oil company is siphoning oil from the reservoir.

  • The water company is siphoning water from the river.

Definition of siphoned


To transfer (liquid) by means of a siphon.


To steal or skim off in small amounts; to embezzle.

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Example Sentences for siphoned

  • 1

    The siphon of the living animal protrudes from the the siphon notch.

  • 2

    Henry collects siphons along with glasses.

  • 3

    Eventually air rushes in and breaks the siphon.

  • 4

    The effect of the siphon pipe will be monitored in 1998.

  • 5

    The wastewater exits through the excurrent siphon.

  • 6

    The outlet of the micro throughflow cell is connected to a siphon.

  • 7

    This air breaks the siphon action of the water in the strap.

  • 8

    The second valve prevents the loss of subatmospheric pressure in the siphon.

  • 9

    A thermal siphon moves the heat between the dirt and the solar collector.

  • 10

    Drop the lower end to the ground and watch the siphon empty the bucket.