Silicates are a type of rock that contains silicon and other elements. They are often found in the Earth's crust.

  • The silicates in the rock are what make it hard.

  • The silicates in the rock are what make it white.

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    The concentration of sodium silicate becomes important in growth rate.

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    One of the examples of the silicates is Al.

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    The treated agglomerate is coated with a silicate.

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    These are silicate minerals of the zeolite family.

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    Ajoite is a mineral which is part of the silicate class.

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    The batch is intended for the production of colorless silicate glass.

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    The lighter silicate rocks presumably float to the surface.

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    The silicate material may be mixed with the fertile soil.

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    Silica is synthesised in the diatom cell by the polymerisation of silicic acid.

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    The addition of silica absorbs the FeO into a silicate slag layer.