To shrivel is to make something shrink or to reduce its size. When you shrivel a plant, you are reducing the amount of water that it needs.

  • The plant shriveled when the water was cut off.

  • The company is shriveling due to the economic downturn.

Definition of shrivel


decrease in size, range, or extent




wither, as with a loss of moisture


shrink, shrivel up, wither

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Example Sentences for shrivel

  • 1

    During summer, these terrestrial orchids shrivel and wither above the ground.

  • 2

    When negative statistics were presented, the arrow would shrink and shrivel up.

  • 3

    Infected seeds tend to shrivel and dry up rather than rot.

  • 4

    Flowers will fade and shrivel prematurely.

  • 5

    Flowers will fade and shrivel soon.

  • 6

    The egg in syrup will shrivel up.

  • 7

    As lesions grow, they eventually collapse and shrivel.

  • 8

    Hot winds can cause the blooms to quickly shrivel.

  • 9

    I imagine that salt shrivels up the germs by osmosis.

  • 10

    As a result, the half grown leaves turn brown, shrivel, and fall.