To shred something is to tear it into small pieces. You might shred a document or a piece of paper, for example.

  • The paper shredded when she tried to tear it.

  • The shredder was unable to shred the paper properly.

Definition of shreds


a tiny or scarcely detectable amount


iota, scintilla, smidge, smidgen, smidgeon, smidgin, tittle, whit


tear into shreds


rip up, tear up


a small piece of cloth or paper


rag, tag, tag end, tatter

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Example Sentences for shreds

  • 1

    The man is ready to be shredded.

  • 2

    The recyclables plastic are then shredded.

  • 3

    The timber was shredded with a saw.

  • 4

    Mom shreds carrots and onions.

  • 5

    I shred a carrot into pieces.

  • 6

    Perky is the inventor of shredded wheat.

  • 7

    The carnitas can then be cooled and shredded.

  • 8

    Ash was found out and the deed was shredded.

  • 9

    He is then sucked into the engine and shredded to pieces.

  • 10

    The rubber recycling process begins with the shredding.