When something is shockingly bad, it is so much worse than you expected. When you are shocked, you are not able to react in a normal way.

  • The movie was so shockingly bad that I couldn't take it anymore.

  • The article was so shockingly bad that I couldn't believe it was written by a professional journalist.

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Example Sentences for shockingly

  • 1

    The result was surprising and shocking.

  • 2

    The leniency of the legal system shocked and outraged many.

  • 3

    Crying can be an expression of surprise, fear, or shock.

  • 4

    These accounts and interviews will surprise, sadden, shock, infuriate people.

  • 5

    It was shocking and shattered for everyone.

  • 6

    I'm shocked at their pettiness.

  • 7

    The accident shocked people.

  • 8

    The performance was deplorable, shocking.

  • 9

    The result was shocking and disappointing.

  • 10

    The story of the army was shocking.