Serenely means calmly and peacefully. When you are serenely happy, you are calm and happy in the face of difficult circumstances.

  • She was serenely happy as she watched the sunset.

  • The serene forest was a beautiful sight.

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Example Sentences for serenely

  • 1

    The most popular principal of Rosary was calm and serene.

  • 2

    Be serene and lofty.

  • 3

    The overall effect is that of serenity.

  • 4

    The scene is serene and quiet.

  • 5

    All was cheerfulness and serenity with him.

  • 6

    It is the most serene track on the album.

  • 7

    It is the most secluded and serene of the city parks.

  • 8

    It gave him the peacefulness and serenity of Buddhism.

  • 9

    The aesthetic has the advantage of greatest serenity.

  • 10

    The figure is motionless to represent discipline and serenity.