To seep is to leak or to flow slowly and steadily. When a pipe seeps water, it slowly leaks water over the surface.

  • The water was seeping through the cracks in the floor.

  • The water was seeping through the walls.

Definition of seeps


pass gradually or leak through or as if through small openings



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Example Sentences for seeps

  • 1

    Knife cuts are made in the meat till the bone to allow seasoning to seep in.

  • 2

    The contaminated rainwater seeped into the river.

  • 3

    The contaminated rainwater then seeped into the river.

  • 4

    It lives in cold seeps in the Gulf of Mexico.

  • 5

    I guess that's my tiredness seeping in.

  • 6

    The coffee seeped into the luggage and stained their clothes.

  • 7

    I mean, the acid didn't just seep into the groundwater.

  • 8

    This prevents the water from seeping through the hose jacket.

  • 9

    The deepest seep community known is found in the Japan trench at a depth of.

  • 10

    From the plant dump site, the residues seep into the bay, he said.