When someone is sedated, they are put to sleep or tranquilized in order to make them less resistant to medication or surgery.

  • The patient was sedated before the surgery to minimize the pain.

  • She was sedated before the operation to make her more comfortable.

Definition of sedated


To calm or put (a person) to sleep using a sedative drug.




To make tranquil.


calm, soothe, tranquilize

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Example Sentences for sedated

  • 1

    The later painting is more sedate, the figures are more composed and less excited.

  • 2

    The patient can request sedation.

  • 3

    She attends the wedding under sedation.

  • 4

    He resides in sedate eastern Washington.

  • 5

    Helen attends the wedding under sedation.

  • 6

    Endoscopic ultrasound is performed with the patient sedated.

  • 7

    The ability to produce sedation is determined by the dosage.

  • 8

    The war changed sedate village into a battleground.

  • 9

    Alternately the patient may be sedated during the procedure.

  • 10

    Indication and beginning of sedation was documented in the medical records.