Secreting means releasing something into the environment. When you secrete a hormone, you are releasing it into the environment to control or influence the behavior of other people.

  • The body secretes a hormone to control the behavior of the animal.

  • The plant secrete a poison to kill other plants.

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Example Sentences for secreting

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    Pilocarpine stimulates the secretion of large amounts of saliva and sweat.

  • 2

    Worse conditions may exhibit nasal discharge or foamy secretion from the eyes.

  • 3

    The secret was concealed.

  • 4

    Perseverance is the secret of success.

  • 5

    Here is the secret of the phenomenon.

  • 6

    The man disclosed the secrets.

  • 7

    The midwife is killed in secret.

  • 8

    The organization is secret and covert.

  • 9

    The secretions of the cervix increase.

  • 10

    What is your secret