A scribe is a person who is responsible for taking down the words that are spoken in a meeting or conference. They usually use a notepad to record what is said.

  • The scribes were taking down the meeting minutes.

  • The scribes were taking down the conference agenda.

Definition of scribes


someone employed to make written copies of documents and manuscripts


copyist, scrivener


French playwright (1791-1861)


augustin eugene scribe


a sharp-pointed awl for marking wood or metal to be cut


scratch awl, scriber


informal terms for journalists


penman, scribbler


score a line on with a pointed instrument, as in metalworking

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Example Sentences for scribes

  • 1

    The manner in which the scribe did the copying is relatively mechanical.

  • 2

    Ahmes was the son of the scribe.

  • 3

    The name of the scribe was Michael.

  • 4

    The name of the scribe inventor is unknown.

  • 5

    The handwriting of the two scribes is ill matched.

  • 6

    Khaemwaset was a scribe of the sacred books in the House of Amun.

  • 7

    Possibly the accent of the Javanese speaker confused the scribe.

  • 8

    The person on the right side is a scribe reading the text.

  • 9

    Merrin, has in the meantime, takes the job of a scribe in the Manuscriptorium.

  • 10

    He is the founder and executive director of the Scribe Video Center.