Scrambling is the act of trying to get out of a difficult or dangerous situation by doing anything that you can. When there's a scramble for the ball at the park, everybody is trying to get their hands on it.

  • The players were scrambling to get away from the flames.

  • The students were scrambling to get out of the classroom in time.

Definition of scrambling


To move hurriedly to a location, especially by using all limbs against a surface.


To proceed to a location or an objective in a disorderly manner.


(of food ingredients, usually including egg) To thoroughly combine and cook as a loose mass.


To process (telecommunication signals) to make them unintelligible to an unauthorized listener.


To quickly deploy (vehicles, usually aircraft) to a destination in response to an alert, usually to intercept an attacking enemy.


To be quickly deployed in this manner.


To partake in motocross.


To ascend rocky terrain as a leisure activity.


To gather or collect by scrambling.


To struggle eagerly with others for something thrown upon the ground; to go down upon all fours to seize something; to catch rudely at what is desired.


To throw something down for others to compete for in this manner.


An act of scrambling.


Confused and irregular; awkward; scambling.


Having a stem too weak to support itself, instead attaching to and relying on the stems or trunks of stronger plants.

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Example Sentences for scrambling

  • 1

    The rats are scrambling in the cage.

  • 2

    It is time to scramble to transmogrify into a person.

  • 3

    The three scramble to fix the problem.

  • 4

    New Democrats are scrambling to save legislation.

  • 5

    Archaeologists of all backgrounds are scrambling to locate body.

  • 6

    The logic of managerial capitalism is being scrambled up.

  • 7

    Neither was any of the countless scientists scrambling to verify the discovery.

  • 8

    Stroke may scramble the brain's sensory map of the hand.

  • 9

    Drivers and homeowners scrambled to secure fuel for their cars and generators.

  • 10

    Germany scrambled to reconfirm those agreements the moment it reunified.