To scour is to clean something very carefully. You might scour a dish by washing it in many different directions.

  • She scoured the kitchen clean before she started cooking.

  • The police scoured the area for clues.

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Example Sentences for scoured

  • 1

    I'm currently scouring the room.

  • 2

    The police scoured for the evidence in the room.

  • 3

    They investigated and scoured the room thouroughly.

  • 4

    Scour the internet and add that information to the article.

  • 5

    What is the purpose of scouring the empty room

  • 6

    A subsequent investigation of the collapse determined the cause to scour.

  • 7

    I do not have the time to scour the book in the library.

  • 8

    Short of firearms and ammunition, the GIs scoured the county to find them.

  • 9

    I had to scour the web extensively to get the capacity of the thing.

  • 10

    The first step would be to scour the clubs looking for the right drummer.