To scoff is to make a loud, contemptuous sound. When the professor scoffed at the student's idea, she was very judgmental and dismissive.

  • The professor scoffed when the student mentioned the idea of going on a field trip.

  • The student scoffed when the professor said that the idea was too ridiculous to be considered.

Definition of scoffed


To jeer; to laugh with contempt and derision.


To mock; to treat with scorn.


To eat food quickly.


To eat.

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Example Sentences for scoffed

  • 1

    Kelly and Stober scoff at the notion.

  • 2

    Some urologists scoff at the idea.

  • 3

    Strangle the fool that dares to scoff

  • 4

    Authorities scoff at the mother of young actress.

  • 5

    Celebrities scoff at the claim that the Enquirer is kinder and gentler.

  • 6

    Proteas scoff at Australia's fresh attempts at sledging.

  • 7

    He is a bit conceited and often scoffs at people.

  • 8

    Of course the New York Times would scoff at him.

  • 9

    People, who came to scoff, saw the very same thing as the believers.

  • 10

    To take the piss is an expression meaning to mock, tease, ridicule or scoff.