Scintillating means to be very bright and colorful. When you describe something as scintillating, you are often describing it as very exciting or interesting.

  • The party was scintillating, with a variety of different colors and styles.

  • The performance was scintillating, with a lot of bright lights and exciting music.

Definition of scintillating


marked by high spirits or excitement


bubbling, effervescent, frothy, sparkly


having brief brilliant points or flashes of light


aglitter, coruscant, fulgid, glinting, glistering, glittering, glittery, scintillant, sparkly


brilliantly clever

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Example Sentences for scintillating

  • 1

    It was scintillating discussion.

  • 2

    Her story is funny and scintillating.

  • 3

    Everyone agrees that the situation is scintillating.

  • 4

    He had a scintillating weekend.

  • 5

    The quotation is one of the less scintillating ones.

  • 6

    Of these the scintillation and semiconductor type are the most widely employed.

  • 7

    Scintillating scotoma is a common visual aura in migraine.

  • 8

    Willy is popular because of his scintillating stories.

  • 9

    His scintillating performances were an unforgettable treat to the audience.

  • 10

    Also Doctors Greg Bahnsen and Gordon Stein's debate is scintillating.