To scare someone is to make them feel scared or scared of something. When you scare someone, you usually do it deliberately, with the intention of causing fear.

  • The clown was trying to scare the children, but he was unsuccessful.

  • The movie was designed to scare the children, and it did the job perfectly.

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Example Sentences for scaring

  • 1

    The feigned fear of movie scared kids to scream.

  • 2

    Mary was scared to death and stood in the corner trembling with fear.

  • 3

    Are you not scared of quietus

  • 4

    It was scare and causing Claustrophobia.

  • 5

    The roommate is confused and scared.

  • 6

    At the time it scared him witless.

  • 7

    But the implications of the alternative scares me.

  • 8

    Scared insensate by monster cat.

  • 9

    She was scared to see a specter.

  • 10

    He scared the females of the tribe.