The scariest thing is usually the thing that you are afraid of the most. When you are asked to name the scariest thing, you might choose something that you are already afraid of, or you might choose something that you haven't experienced yet.

  • The scariest thing that I've ever done was bungee jumping.

  • The scariest thing that I've ever seen was a movie about a zombie apocalypse.

Definition of scariest


Causing or able to cause fright.


frightening, hair-raising, petrifying, terrifying


Uncannily striking or surprising.


Subject to sudden alarm; easily frightened.


jumpy, nervous

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Example Sentences for scariest

  • 1

    The windup was scary.

  • 2

    It would be scary to be in a mortuary.

  • 3

    It was scary to enter the saturnine building.

  • 4

    It's scary to the mind and ugly to the eye.

  • 5

    The music is scary at the very end.

  • 6

    The silence at home is deafening and scary.

  • 7

    A scary cat and a caitiff are both cowards.

  • 8

    Sometimes the quickness of him is almost scary.

  • 9

    Additionally, the events of the story can be seen as scary.

  • 10

    It is you who are scary, with your vaporous moral superiority.