scapegoating is the act of blaming someone or something else for something that is wrong or bad. When the school administration scapegoated the students for the cheating, they were actually blaming the wrong people.

  • The students were scapegoated for the cheating, even though they didn't do it.

  • The company is scapegoating the workers for the poor performance, even though it's really the CEO's fault.

Definition of scapegoating


To punish someone for the error or errors of someone else; to make a scapegoat of.


To blame something for the problems of a given society without evidence to back up the claim.


The act of making somebody a scapegoat.

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Example Sentences for scapegoating

  • 1

    They now need a scapegoat and the scapegoat is the young girl.

  • 2

    It was to be a scapegoat for the failure.

  • 3

    Brahmins are merely the scapegoats.

  • 4

    They became the scapegoats for the incident.

  • 5

    The media considered Robertson to be a scapegoat for the incident.

  • 6

    The person named would be sacrificed as the scapegoat.

  • 7

    The religious imagery of the scapegoat is also considered.

  • 8

    Voroshilov is the scapegoat for the initial failures in Finland.

  • 9

    Each time the admin was the violator, and lysdexia their scapegoat.

  • 10

    The poor goat does look like a scapegoat.