To scapegoat is to blame someone or something for a problem that is actually caused by someone or something else. Sometimes the scapegoat is deliberately chosen, while other times it's just the person who is easiest to blame.

  • The teacher scapegoated the student for the mistake that was made.

  • The company scapegoated the worker for the failed project.

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Example Sentences for scapegoat

  • 1

    They now need a scapegoat and the scapegoat is the young girl.

  • 2

    It was to be a scapegoat for the failure.

  • 3

    Brahmins are merely the scapegoats.

  • 4

    They became the scapegoats for the incident.

  • 5

    The media considered Robertson to be a scapegoat for the incident.

  • 6

    The person named would be sacrificed as the scapegoat.

  • 7

    The religious imagery of the scapegoat is also considered.

  • 8

    Voroshilov is the scapegoat for the initial failures in Finland.

  • 9

    Each time the admin was the violator, and lysdexia their scapegoat.

  • 10

    The poor goat does look like a scapegoat.