A satyr is a creature from Greek mythology that is half man, half goat. They are often portrayed in art as half-naked and playful.

  • The satyr was playing music and dancing on the roof of the restaurant.

  • The satyr was wearing a funny hat and was having a lot of fun.

Definition of satyr


one of a class of woodland deities; attendant on Bacchus; identified with Roman fauns


forest god


man with strong sexual desires


lech, lecher, letch

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Example Sentences for satyr

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    Saturday is also named for the Satyr.

  • 2

    Their mythical beasts are the minotaur and satyr.

  • 3

    For the etymology of the words, see nymph and satyr.

  • 4

    A Faun is the Roman equivalent of a Greek Satyr.

  • 5

    The banquet was followed by a ballet of nymphs and satyrs.

  • 6

    The hare was the symbol of the shy and timid satyr.

  • 7

    You are the sweetest Satyr in the history of the world.

  • 8

    Between the arches is a gargoyle in the form of a satyr's head.

  • 9

    Hercules stops him, but then the satyr challenges the demigod.

  • 10

    The nymphs clearly want to bring the satyr into their world.