To saturate something is to cover it with a lot of something. When you saturate the soil with water, you make it wet.

  • The water saturated the soil and made it wet.

  • The painting was saturated with the color of the sky.

Definition of saturating


To cause to become completely impregnated, or soaked (especially with a liquid).


To fill to excess.


To satisfy the affinity of; to cause a substance to become inert by chemical combination with all that it can hold.


To render pure, or of a colour free from white light.

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Example Sentences for saturating

  • 1

    The wards are saturated with wet and ordure.

  • 2

    The ground was saturated and unable to soak up the continuing rainfall.

  • 3

    The rice is first soaked in water until the grains are fully saturated.

  • 4

    The clothes is saturated with water.

  • 5

    What saturated the ground

  • 6

    The forests in the park are saturated with colors.

  • 7

    The pulp is then saturated in water and drained.

  • 8

    The saturated fraction remains the same.

  • 9

    Archeology in the the developed world is almost saturated.

  • 10

    If phenylalanine is in excess in the blood, it will saturate the transporter.