To satirize something is to make fun of it. You might satirize a politician by making fun of their speeches.

  • He satirized the politician's speech by making fun of the grammar mistakes.

  • The cartoon satirized the current political situation.

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Example Sentences for satirizing

  • 1

    The parody of Virgil satirizes Shadwell.

  • 2

    The satires were meant to mock and lampoon the church.

  • 3

    The show was the starting point of satiric comedy in Colombia.

  • 4

    Diminution is a satirical technique.

  • 5

    It is a satire, windup, spoof, whatever.

  • 6

    He was more inclined to satire.

  • 7

    The book, by the way, wasn't satirical.

  • 8

    The record is a satire of the Reagan Administration.

  • 9

    They are typically rapped, and are humorous or satiric.

  • 10

    Nevertheless, the poem is still a satire and not a lamentation.