When something sags, it droops or hangs down. The fabric on the shirt sagged after the weight was taken off of it.

  • The dress had been worn many times, and it had begun to sag in the middle.

  • The flag on the pole sagged after being blown by the wind.

Definition of sagged


To sink, in the middle, by its weight or under applied pressure, below a horizontal line or plane.


(by extension) To lean, give way, or settle from a vertical position.


To lose firmness, elasticity, vigor, or a thriving state; to sink; to droop; to flag; to bend; to yield, as the mind or spirits, under the pressure of care, trouble, doubt, or the like; to be unsettled or unbalanced.


To loiter in walking; to idle along; to drag or droop heavily.


To cause to bend or give way; to load.


To wear one's trousers so that their top is well below the waist.


(of pants or shorts) Worn hanging low off the waist; sagging.

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Example Sentences for sagged

  • 1

    Cats were sagged on the chair.

  • 2

    The entire building sags to the side.

  • 3

    She realized that his shoulders are sagged.

  • 4

    His body is sagged because of tiredness.

  • 5

    The shoulders were sagged and the head dropped.

  • 6

    Ptosis of the breast refers to drooping or sagging of the breast.

  • 7

    The edges of the sheet gradually sag as the sheet advances.

  • 8

    Teresa was sad to see his head sagged with grief.

  • 9

    He tried to lift up when the curtain sagged.

  • 10

    The bottom of the container also has additional strength and does not sag.