Ruining something is to completely destroy it. If you ruin a shirt, you cause it to become completely torn and ruined.

  • The party was ruined by the rain.

  • The party was ruined by the loud noise.

Definition of ruining


destruction achieved by causing something to be wrecked or ruined


laying waste, ruin, ruination, wrecking

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Example Sentences for ruining

  • 1

    It's the detritus of a ruined mind.

  • 2

    The flood ruined the town.

  • 3

    The house is a smoldering ruin.

  • 4

    The misconception ruined their relationships.

  • 5

    Their relationship is ruined by misunderstanding.

  • 6

    By 1839, the Mission was in ruins and unoccupied.

  • 7

    In the middle of the Loch are ruins of the castle.

  • 8

    She ruined the whole thing.

  • 9

    Due to the war, the city is ruined.

  • 10

    The ruins of an outhouse lie nearby.