To rot is to decay and to turn into something decomposable. When something rots, it starts to break down and lose its nutrients.

  • The vegetables in the garden are rotting because they are not getting enough sunlight.

  • The tree in the garden is rotting because the soil is not rich enough.

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Example Sentences for rotted

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    The benefit is that the meat doesn't rot and spoil.

  • 2

    The food began to rot.

  • 3

    As the name states, the roots of the plant rot.

  • 4

    Leave the bloated bodies to rot in the sun.

  • 5

    In Charleston, the colonists left the tea on the docks to rot.

  • 6

    Livestock and crops simply rot and drop to the parched ground.

  • 7

    On the boat the pogo sticks warped and rotted and were unusable.

  • 8

    Soon, the woody debris rotted, and the water was determined undrinkable.

  • 9

    At the same time much of the undeveloped land in the community was left to rot.

  • 10

    Because the wood at the center of the tree had rotted it could not be analyzed.