When you rotate something, you turn it around so that it's facing the other way. This is often done so that it can be used in a different way.

  • The map was rotated so that the north was on the bottom.

  • The sculpture was rotated so that the people were facing the other way.

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Example Sentences for rotated

  • 1

    The ox moves in circles and rotates the heavy log in the drum.

  • 2

    Imagine the donute rotates, and the spiral rotates around the donute.

  • 3

    The motor in the epilady rotated the spring, causing it to flex as it rotated.

  • 4

    Sleeve bearings rotate on the shaft and enhance rotation of the roller or idler.

  • 5

    The amount of rotation is insignificant.

  • 6

    Rotating the text could be bothersome.

  • 7

    The disc and the player are selectively rotatable.

  • 8

    The instrument was rotated to loosen the tooth.

  • 9

    The mast rotates to follow the boom.

  • 10

    The reason is due to the rotation of the Earth.