Roaches are small, brown bugs that live in the walls and ceilings of homes. They are usually a nuisance, but they can also be a danger.

  • The roaches are coming out of the walls and the ceiling.

  • The roaches are a danger, because they can carry diseases.

Definition of roaches


A cockroach.


An extra curve of material added to the leech (aft edge) of a sail to increase the sail area.


A kind of headdress worn by some of the indigenous peoples of North America.


(smoking) Marijuana; cannabis used as a drug.


(smoking) A butt of a marijuana cigarette.


(smoking) The filter of a rolled cigarette or joint, made from card or paper.


A bed or stratum of some mineral.


Gritty or coarse rock; especially Portland stone or similar limestone.

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Example Sentences for roaches

  • 1

    Is this roach edible

  • 2

    Roach is the most common fish in this river.

  • 3

    Roaches live in clean water, only.

  • 4

    I caught three roaches in the river.

  • 5

    Whenever he catches a fish, it is a roach.

  • 6

    It is thought to be the descendant of Cryptocercus genus, the wood roach.

  • 7

    Someone needs to modify the diagram to show the roach.

  • 8

    How many roaches did you catch

  • 9

    A major tributary of the River Crouch is the River Roach.

  • 10

    He knows how to cook roaches and other fish.